Workation in Japan

Discover Rural Japan while building your career

Why choose between work or travel
when you can do both?

Many of us had to choose between leaving their career and experiencing new adventures. Through workation, you can slowly discover Japan, make lifelong friends, expand your business network, while advancing your career!


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Why Workation in Japan?

Among other countries, Japan is a perfect place for nailing both of these purposes. Here’s our take on why Japan is a perfect workation destination, and what you should know upon your trip.

Thinking of going on Workation? - Here’s What You Should Know

If you are interested in a digital nomad lifestyle, or you are one, you're probably familiar with the concepts of "work-from-anywhere" or "working remotely while traveling".

5 Subscriptions Based Accommodations in Japan

For a monthly charge, subscription-based accommodation services enable users to stay in their preferred accommodations.

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