Workation in Japan5 Best Apps for Digital Nomads to Stay Organized

A digital nomad's life depends so much on technology. As a digital nomad, you need technology to earn a living, organize your lifestyle, and keep in touch with your family and friends. Fortunately, there are plethora of resources, blogs, and applications available that make working from anywhere more effortless than ever. Check out the list below for some of the best and most popular digital nomad apps to help you with your location-independent lifestyle.


Trello is a project management tool that keeps track of everything from large-scale projects to the smallest specifics of a complex plan. Trello allows you to organize your projects into boards, with individual cards for each feature that you can then sort into lists based on the subject or stage of the project.


Slack is ideal for remote teams whose members are located in various time zones and countries. You can create a group chat and set up multiple channels; all messages are stored in real-time, and you can see exactly what was addressed and update your colleagues accordingly. Slack is a great instant messaging application that saves all of your interactions and helps you search for details quickly if you work in a remote team.


For digital nomads, the LastPass tool can be a lifesaver, saving and maintaining passwords for various websites and applications in one convenient place.

It is a fantastic tool for digital nomads who have a lot of clients and websites to remember passwords for, and it's much more secure than using the same password all over the internet. Generally, you'll want to make sure your LastPass master password is as strong as possible!

World Time Buddy

World Time Buddy is a meeting scheduler, world clock, and time zone converter all in one. As a digital nomad, you'll frequently be dealing with people in entirely different time zones than you, which can be pretty challenging to schedule phone calls and meetings, let alone keep track of when a project is due.

Google Drive

Finally, Google Drive is a low-cost but high-value addition to every digital nomad's toolkit. The software helps you to work on notes, spreadsheets, and other documents while automatically saving them as you go – a lifesaver if your laptop fails or runs out of power suddenly!