Workation in Japan5 Subscriptions Based Accommodations in Japan

For a monthly charge, subscription-based accommodation services enable users to stay in their preferred accommodations. Many services allow users to "jump" from one location to another, allowing them to stay wherever they want. It is tailored to a specific person's lifestyle or work style. If you're looking for a change of scenery while exploring, then these subscription-based accommodations are for you.

Hafh (Home Away From Home)

HafH provides versatility, recognizing that a modern era of digital nomadism will take many forms. Subscribe to a HafH plan and stay in every co-living room worldwide for as long as you want at a fixed monthly rate. One unique feature that we don't see too much in accommodation services is they offer HafH coins - a loyalty program that can be used to upgrade rooms and receive other perks. HafH membership works across the globe.


Duration: Flexible pricing for 1, 5, 10 days, or 1 month

Pricing: As low as ¥3,000/night or ¥ 82,000/month

Where: Available in 200+ locations around Japan, and also in 36 countries.

LivingAnywhere Commons

LivingAnywhere Commons offers an off-the-grid lifestyle experience for those who want to explore quiet and remote areas in Japan. LAC evolved into a culture dedicated to living anywhere and doing whatever you want, whenever you want, without being constrained by limitations such as place, lifeline, or job. Although most of LAC's accommodations are in remote locations, they have spacious co-working spaces and wifi for your workation needs.



ADDress offers flat rate unlimited living service in over 120 homes around Japan, including renovated villas, guest houses, and private rooms. Many of the homes are located outside of city centers. Enjoy the change of pace and atmosphere as you work and find inspiration while you reconnect with nature.

Duration: Contract period is at least 3 months.

Pricing: ¥40,000/month

Where: 120 homes around Japan


Hostel Life

For those who want to take it slow, freedom, and meet new people, HostelLife is for you. It is a service that allows you to use a hostel pass to stay at any hostel all over Japan. Relax in your bed, chat with other guests in the hostel lounge and learn new things, or ask the staff about the best places to visit in the region! Have all of the comforts of home while still trying new things and experiencing new thrills!


  • Dormitory plan at ¥45,000/month
  • Private monthly plan at ¥75,000/month
  • Weekday plans starting at ¥15,000/month Where: 30+ hostels and guesthouses around Japan

Hostel Life


NowRoom is not a subscription-based accommodation like the rest but they do offer monthly rental service where you can stay in a fully furnished apartment, guesthouse, or a hotel. Ideal for travelers, digital nomads, entrepreneurs who are looking to stay in a place for just a month.

Pricing: Monthly pricing depends per accommodation with no up-front fees.

Where: Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka