Workation in JapanThinking of going on Workation? - Here’s What You Should Know

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If you are interested in a digital nomad lifestyle, or you are one, you're probably familiar with the concepts of "work-from-anywhere" or "working remotely while traveling".

Workation is no exception to this free-spirited working style. We'll explain what it is and what to consider upon becoming a workationer.

What is "Workation" anyway?

"Workation", alternatively spelled as "workcation", comes from "work" and "vacation".

When you hear the word "workation", you'd probably imagine yourself at the beach, sitting on a lounge chair with your laptop while taking a sip of a cold Margarita.

However, workation is not necessarily about having fun and working all at the same time.

We consider "Workation" as a lifestyle you actively choose, in which you intuitively discover and explore places while getting your work done just as you would at home.

Who is a good fit for a workation lifestyle?

Workation is an option for (literally) anyone who has the ability to work remotely with internet connection.

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the trend of remote work, and this trend is expected to continue even after the crisis.

The most common occupations for those who work and travel are content creators, software engineers, web designers, just to name a few. But because of the trend in remote work, it opened up the possibility to many more occupations, even a guitar instructor can go on workation and monetize from online classes!

Why is workation good for you?

  • You will be way more productive than when you are in the office. The 2019 IWG Workplace Study shows that remote workers are more productive than when they're in an office. Without having to deal with everyday distractions, you can better perform your work. One of the challenges for typical work-from-home style is that many people feel isolated, but workation lifestyle allows you to fill the gap between having control of your time and space, and activities to keep you entertained in-between.
  • You will be more satisfied with what you do and less stressed overall. 81% of digital nomads are highly satisfied with their working style, as opposed to 49% of general population.
  • Slow traveling allows you to have a more authentic experience. According to MBO Partners' report, most digital nomads travel slowly, with only 17% of the digital nomads visiting more than 5 countries in a year. You have more opportunities and time to connect with local communities and meet fellow workation travellers.
  • You may actually save more money. You don't have to worry about expensive rent and utility bills. Also the cost of living is usually lower in local areas than in cities like San Francisco, or London. Most likely you will be traveling with a backpack or a suitcase(s) with limited capacity, you save more money on clothes shopping as well.

It's not only about you - it actually helps local communities

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  • As a workationer,you can choose when to travel and for how long, and it will benefit the local community as you can support local businesses even outside of the peak season.
  • You can also directly show support by getting involved with the community. For example, a number of regional municipalities in Japan offer projects which you can join as a volunteer. It creates a mutually-beneficial ecosystem where you can support the local community while immersing yourself in the unique local cultures.

What to look for when picking a workation destination?

Picking a destination for your next workation may be slightly different from your usual trips. These are the main factors you need to consider:

  • Secure, high-speed internet connection
  • Safety
  • Cost of Living
  • Visa-friendliness
  • Access to co-working spaces and local communities

Considering these factors, Japan is a great option for workation. Check out this article “Why Workation in Japan?” to learn more!

I’m definitely in for Workation!

Want to have the best workation of your life in Japan? Here are some workation hubs that will definitely fill your adventurous soul.

webase hostel 1 WeBase Kamakura

Kamakura - A charming coastal town in Kanagawa Prefecture, is about an hour and a half south of Tokyo. It offers several temples, hiking trails, historical monuments, and pristine beaches. Seeking an accommodation? Try WeBase, a chic hostel where you can work, meditate and relax with yoga.

Kanazawa - Secluded in the Hokuriku region's mountains, Kanazawa is one of Japan's most well-preserved Edo-period cities. It's a great destination to visit for everyone from first-time “workationers'' to seasoned Japan travelers.

Chatan - Shopping, fine dining, marine activities, hot springs, leisure, and entertainment awaits everyone in this colorful resort town in Japan's own tiny Hawaii, Okinawa. A perfect workation hideaway for digital nomads seeking a tropical paradise and diving respite.